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Built in 1879, the house is typical of 19th century farmers’ and fishermen’s homes in Springs. Pollock and Krasner would make many changes to the home upon moving there in 1945. Today, it contains all the furnishings and artifacts that were in the house at the time of Krasner’s death in 1984, some of which were there during Pollock’s lifetime as well, including his hi-fi phonograph, his jazz record collection, and their shared library. An original late 1930s painting by Pollock, Composition with Red Arc and Horses, and prints by both artists are also on display.


The house features rotating exhibitions of work by historical and contemporary artists alike, set in dialogue with intimate environment of the home.

Lee Krasner, Stella Pollock, and Jackson Pollock

Lee Krasner, Stella Pollock, and Jackson Pollock at the Pollock-Krasner House, 1950

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