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JUNE 21 - August 04, 2024 


Partners Ghislaine and Lando Fremaux-Valdez work together to create monumental mixed media explorations of the human body and its scientific, spiritual, and ritualistic significance.

Artist Statement:

"Our bodies are secrets, or they are keepers of secrets, because they operate largely outside the reaches of consciousness and vision. Medicine and religion promise to decipher the body secret, each offering an account of what this body is, how it works, and how to care for it. In our work, we examine embodiment through the triple lens of medicine, religious mythology, and our love for each other, mis/applying the ideas, instruments, and/or experience of each in the portrayal of our own bodies. We “perform” surgical procedures, purifying rites, sensual acts of worship, and feats of miraculous healing on ourselves and each other. We photograph these exchanges and fabricate our reference imagery through digital collage, which enables us to cut and transplant the photographic tissue in the production of new bodies and environments. In physically collaged works, we enact this same process with parts cut from our own drawings. We draw together, building the bones of each piece with charcoal, the mass with gouache, and the skin with chalk pastel. Supporting and questioning each other through the obliteration and retrieval of our bodies through drawing, rotating in and out of each piece fluidly, we can rarely tell where one of us ends and the other begins. Through this work, we reveal to each other what we cannot see of ourselves, and serve as the stewards of one another’s secrets."

Learn more about the artists at their website.

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